Son of plucking thorn man and Mullah Bazarjan - 2

He worked for the mullah for a few months and during that time he pretended himself as a stupid man who knew nothing. That was the case until a day
Son of plucking thorn man and Mullah Bazarjan - 2
Son of plucking thorn man and Mullah Bazarjan - 2

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


He worked for the mullah for a few months and during that time he pretended himself as a stupid man who knew nothing. That was the case until a day when Mullah Bazarjan decided to test the boy. Then the boy thought the advices of the girl well. Mullah called the boy and said him: "Now that you have learned my secret, read it for me. I'm listening." The son of the plucking thorn man said: "O Mullah! Should I read its white part or its black part?" Mullah thought that the boy of the plucking thorn man had no mind and had learned nothing of that secret. When he became sure of his conclusion, said him: "Now that you have learned nothing, you are free to go wherever you want."
The son of the plucking thorn man returned back happily to his father's home. There he saw that the situation of the life of his father was so bad and he had no money to spend for the life of his family. The son said his father: "Daddy! I will change into a horse. Take me to the market and sell me and spend the money you will earn for the life. But when selling me be quite careful to take back the tether which is on my neck. Never sell me with tether!"
The plucking thorn man who understood that his son had learned the formula and secret of Mullah, with a sure manner did so and took the horse to the market and sold it and took back its tether. When he reached home, he saw the boy there who had returned back to home earlier than him.
In the next day, the son of the plucking thorn man changed himself into a sheep and his father took his tether and took him to the market to sell it. By chance, Mullah Bazarjan saw them on the way. As soon as he saw the plucking thorn man and the sheep, he recognized them and understood that the sheep was the same his pupil, the son of the plucking thorn old man. Mullah became so worried that it was probable to faint. But with any difficulty he could control himself and said himself that the boy had learned his secret and anyway he must be separated from his father and must be killed. He thought that the easiest way was buying him from his father. After thinking, he went ahead and asked the old man: "How much do you sell this sheep?" The plucking thorn old man answered: "One hundred Toomans." Inevitably Mullah Bazarjan gave one hundred Toomans and bought the sheep. When Mullah wanted to take the sheep, the plucking thorn old man took the tether out of the neck of the sheep and did not give it to the mullah. Mullah, who knew the secret of the work of the boy was in that same tether, said: "O old man! Give me the tether. If you don't give me the tether of the sheep, I cannot take it to home." The plucking thorn old man said: "No. The tether of the sheep belongs to my son. I don't give it." Mullah began to cheat the old man by begging and saying that he would give the old man for the tether how much money he wanted. Although at first the old man did not accept, eventually the flattering of the mullah caused him to accept the offer and after taking much money gave the tether to the mullah. Mullah took the tether and took the sheep to his home.
As Mullah arrived at his home said his daughter: "Bring for me a sharp knife to cut off the head of this sheep." As the mullah' daughter saw the sheep, she recognized it as the same son of the plucking thorn man whom she had loved. The daughter, who knew that her father intended to kill the boy, hid the knife somewhere, and was in this thought to do something to save the boy. The girl thought that she should make the father to come to the room in order that the boy can escape. So she shouted: "O father! I cannot find the knife. Come here yourself to find it." Mullah said: "Come here to hold this sheep in order that I can search for the knife myself."
Hopefully and gladly, the girl went and took the tether of the sheep from the hand of her father, and the mullah went to find the knife. As the mullah went, the girl said the son of the plucking thorn man: "Hit your nail to my eyes and escape. When you are quite far from here, I will begin to shout." The sheep acted according to the order of the girl. It hit its nail to her face and escaped and got far from there. The daughter of Mullah Bazarjan began to shout and said her father: "Your sheep hit its nail to my eyes and escaped." Mullah got furious of the escape of the sheep. He read a spell and became a wolf and followed the sheep. The sheep, that was the same son of the plucking thorn man, noticed that the mullah had become a wolf and it was close to reach and tear him. So, he also became a needle and was dropped onto the ground. As Mullah saw that the sheep became a needle and was dropped on the ground, he became a sieve and began to sift the soil. The son of the plucking thorn man felt that it was close that he was seen in the sieve by the mullah, so he became a pigeon and flight into the air. Mullah, too, became a hawk and chased the pigeon. The son of the plucking thorn man felt it was close that the hawk to reach and hunt him. So, promptly he went into the garden of the king and became a pomegranate and was stuck to the tree on his way. The gardener, who was planting trees, noticed that, in winter, that dry tree had grown a marvelous fresh pomegranate. So he picked it from the tree immediately and gladly took it to the king to be rewarded in lieu of that gift.
The king was very happy due to seeing the gift of the gardener and gave reward to him. The king was holding the pomegranate in his hand that Mullah Bazarjan, who had changed himself as a dervish, arrived at the palace of the king and began to sing. The king ordered: "Give something to this dervish and dismiss him." Whatever the officers gave him he did not accept. The asked the dervish what he wanted. The dervish answered: "I want the pomegranate which is in the hand of the king." The said the king: "Oh, the Qibla of the world! Whatever money we offer him, he does not accept. He says that he wants the same pomegranate the gardener has brought for the king." By hearing this, the king became so upset and hit the pomegranate hardly onto the ground such that it broke and its pieces spread around. The dervish became a rooster and began to pick pomegranate seeds. It picked all the pomegranate seeds, except one seed in which was the life of the son of the plucking thorn man and had remained under the base of the throne of the king and the rooster had not eaten it yet. That pomegranate seed became a fox and jumped and promptly took the throat of the rooster.
At that time, when the rooster felt himself close to danger, it changed back to Mullah Bazarjan, and the fox, too, changed back to the son of the plucking thorn man. The king was very surprised and did not know what was happening. The son of the plucking thorn man said the king: "You wanted me to learn the secret of the mullah. Now besides that, I've brought the mullah himself here."
The king just understood the story. When the king saw that the boy had fulfilled his promise, he also had to fulfill his promise. He ordered to decorate the city with mirrors and gave her daughter to him as wife and they celebrated seven days and seven nights. After that the king lifted his crown and put it on the head of the son of the plucking thorn man and that boy became the king of the city who forgave Mullah Bazarjan.


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