HAJ SEYED AHMAD KHOMEINI was born in 1946. His mother who was a pious woman, Mrs. SAGHAFI, the great Imam`s wife remembers AHMAD`s childhood as such: he
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Date of birth: 1946
Death: 1995


HAJ SEYED AHMAD KHOMEINI was born in 1946. His mother who was a pious woman, Mrs. SAGHAFI, the great Imam`s wife remembers AHMAD`s childhood as such: he was a quit and obeying son and sometimes I used to tell the daughters: in a month I need not tell this little boy do this or do not do this. But I need to order you several times in a day and you girls are very naughty. Dear son was quit engaging in his playing. When he became 7 years old, was sent to OHADI School to be educated.
AHMAD explains: the first day, they sent me to school, I escaped. Then when my teacher punished me, I attended the class and I had to do that. Until the sixth elementary grade, I was punished by many of teachers. In childhood period, imam paid much attention to his education and training. He paid attention to with whom did he go and come and who were his friends. And also HOJATOLESLAM SEYED HASAN KHOMEINI is citing about his father: My father once said: I was small, so small that I could not read and write. Imam made me sit beside him. He was reading and I played with his books.
HAJ AHMAD attended elementary school and high school in holy city of QOM. During the time he was receiving education, he became interested in sports, particularly in soccer. Among the friends, he had in this time was Mr. KAZEM RAHIMI, who has interesting memories of his exercises. AHMAD Says: in that time, slowly we began our neighborhood football matches. We liked the match so much that, a night before, we were going to window side and were staring at the sky to find out about rain, will it rain tomorrow or not? If it was raining, it was like somebody hits our head with a mountain, indicating that, tomorrow we could not have a match. We went from this neighborhood to the other for a match in the fields of football, volleyball, running in the grounds and other exercises. Whenever we were winning, we were beaten by the host. And occasionally a few minutes before the match ends, we used to scape.
When I finished the elementary period, meaning the sixth grade, and got in to the seventh grade, I became a member of football, basketball and volleyball teams. I was popular player in high school. After getting his diploma, SEYED AHMAD went to Tehran, because SHAHEEN team invited him to play for it. In those days, he accepted the team`s invitation in order to leave Iran. And he himself concerning this says: I was not selected since others were better than me.

Religious education:

After getting his diploma from QOM`S HAKIM NEZAMI high school, with guidance and explanation of dear Imam, he began his religious studies. HOJATOLESLAM MOHTASHEMI concerning this matter says: When HAJ AHMAD returned from HOLY NAJAF city to QOM in the year 1966, based on the great Imam`s recommendation, joined the spirituality classes and started the scholars training in a serious way. Of course, he joined officially and seriously after the message that Imam sent from NAJAF, and said: tell AHMAD, it is my advice to him to become a scholar, if he does it, I will pay all the expenses regarding this matter, and if he is not willing to do so, then he has to go and take care of himself. I will not help him as far as materialism is concerned. Of course this was in the circumstances when SEYED AHMAD joined the spirituality classes and was studying.
Since the beginning of his studies in the scientific domain, Mr. AHMAD was like a normal scholar with simplicity and without paying attention to the status of having been born in a prestigious family, started to learn Islamic sciences. AYATOLLAH TAHERI KHORAMABADI concerning this phase reports: After Imam`s exile to NAJAF, I saw repeatedly, he was sitting in FEIZIYEH school like a normal scholar. And this was surprising for me, since he was Imam`s son. It was not as such that he gets the title that he was born in a prestigious family and chooses a domain for himself and in discussions be separated from others and be different from others.
He continues and adds: while he was serious scholar and studied like other serious ones and for those who liked Imam, he was a hope spot. We all witnessed that Imam`s son, although he was not watched by his father and was away from him, he was busy with his teachings and discussions just like the other ones.
In the meantime, he had a simple life and in those times I used to go to his house repeatedly. He, after several years, completed the high phase levels. As he himself has said frankly after his first trip to NAJAF, began his religious studies in a serious manners.
HOJATOLESLAM MOHAMMAD ALIRAHMANI who was a friend of AHMAD says: I studied the same level when I was with Mr. ABTAHI, Mr. SADEGHI and Mr. SOLTANI. When son of Imam in the year 1966, came to NAJAF ASHRAF, he wore personal clothes. At the same time, we heard, that based on the great Imam`s recommendation, he returned to Iran. Seemingly, some problems had been created concerning the continuation of his studies in the university. The great Imam had said that I would like him to wear the clergy clothes and in total enters religious studies.
Of course at that time, he had studied introductions relating to the Islamic teachings and in the outside section of the great Imam`s house in NAJAF, I heard this from the deceased AYATHOLLA HAJ AGHA MOSTAFAEE: our AHMAD went to engage in his studies and had put on the clergy clothes and he was very happy too.
In his trips to NAFAF, it has been quoted from him, that he studied the book, ALKOBRA FELMANTEGH with Imam. After several years, he completed the level phase and began the outside course. In 1978, when he went to NAJAF (last travel) along with some of the scholars, attended the ASFAR course belonging to AYATOLLAH REZVANI. During that stay, they had reached to the end of KAFAYESH volumes, but the martyrdom of his brother led to leave the course. After the revolution, he made an effort to finish his incomplete studies.
AYATOLLAH MORTEZA PASANDIDEH remembers him as one who is good at politics and has fine education.
One can point to the discussions of Imam`s memorial (his son. Mr. AHMAD) in his studies with SAJADI ESFAHANI, VAHEDI and many more. HOJATOLESLAM MOHTASHEMI explains: I came to Iran in 1968 and was in Qom for few months. In there, I witnessed that haj AHMAD, studied very seriously. Mr. MOHAMMAD REZA LAVASANI was the one who discussed issues with him. He was the son of AYATOLLAH LAVASANI who was the representative of Imam in Iran, meaning that particularly Imam and AYATOLLAH LAVASANI began their scholar activities together. The sons of these two great ones, began their activities together.
SEYED AHMAD married the daughter of AYATOLLAH SOLTANI TABATABAEE. The main role in getting to know and then marriage was played by FARIDE MOSTAFAVI (daughter of Imam).
She explains: If I say that concerning my brother`s marriage with his wife, I played a major role, I have not said something very much wrong. To learn tailoring, I used to go to a certain place. I saw her who then was a young girl. At that very time I thought she was a suitable girl to become my brother`s wife. Later I and my family travelled to Iraq and in NAJAF, we met Imam. There, I told my father what was my opinion. Imam liked their family and verified the matter.
Then we returned to Qom city and followed the issue. Some months later, they married.
Mrs. FATEME TABATABAEE, the wife of late AHMAD says: the first day when HAJ AHMAD gave the marriage proposal, my father concerning his personality said: you are going to marry an individual who may not have a quiet life. Meaning that AHMAD is a revolutionist and he is son of AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI. And naturally, he will follow his father and will fight. In this situation, you should think and see if you are ready to accept this life. It is possible that, there will not be problem.
Mrs. TABATABAEE continuous: After the proposal, an accident happened for the wife of martyr MOSTAFA KHOMEINI.
SAVAK officials had gone to their house and this led to her abortion. My father pointed out the issue and wanted me to be ready in every sense for my common living with AHMAD.
Our marriage took place when Imam was in exile and AHMAD was in charge of Imam`s house in Qom. He did his duty in best way.
Imam congratulated the marriage and wished them a happy and prosperous life.
As a result they had 3 sons, HASAN, YASER and ALI.


SEYED AHMAD was son of the personality that the Islamic movement took shape through his guidance and leadership.
Being raised in such a dynasty, automatically involved him in fighting issues. In the beginning of the movement, Imam did not have a servant in his home. When the guests were there, AHMAD was supposed to be their host.
AYATOLLAH TAHERI KHORAMABADI says: I remember a feast day. Some people had gone to see Imam. AHMAD at that time was a teenager. He brought a tray to collect the glasses that were empty. While leaving, he fell and glasses were scattered on the ground. After this episode, friends of Imam decided that in the following feasts, they do the tasks in home of Imam.
In the period, relating to Imam KHOMEINI`s struggle from 1952, until the exile in 1954, considering the presence of elder brother, who was beside his father, his actions has been overshadowed by his brother`s role. After exile of Imam to turkey and from there to Iraq, gradually, his political role which was effective as far as the movement was concerned, showed itself.


During the period, Imam was in exile in Turkey, AHMAD did not succeed to visit the father. After the spreading the news relating to his father`s stay in NAJAF, he made a move to see him. He has said frankly that he accepted the SHAHEEN team`s invitation in order to exit the country but was not chosen and after that without having a passport, he went to Iraq. Of course, due to security factors, SAVAK officials exercised heavy control on the proponents of the Imam KHOMEINI`s movement and it is perfectly clear, that was even heavier for the son of the leader of the movement.
In this direction, lieutenant –general NASIRI through a circular letter sent to the police head- quarters asked: if the said person asked for issuing or extension of the passport and an exit permit, before taking any step, you have to report the case to this office.
Despite such preparations, AHMAD in a letter wrote the news concerning his return and sent it to SHEIKH NASRULLAH KHALKHALI.
With discovery of this letter, the SAVAK officials in their head -quarters wanted to know about the previous records of AHMAD MOSTAFAVI.

SAVAK reports to the center:

He went to HAMEDAN to visit SHAHABODIN ESHRAGHI, while the SAVAK of that area did not report. It seems, he has come to Iran to carry out a mission. Please order about his activities and behaviors and activities, control him so it becomes clear what is his goal for coming to Iran.


After returning to Iran, as SAVAK predicted, AHMAD came to carry out certain missions and in the last days of 1967, again secretly went from KHORAMSHAR to NAJAF, in this trip, with the assistance of Imam KHOMEINI, he had put on a turban and wore the clergy clothes. This was beginning of a new phase in his activities. This time when he was passing through the border on April 8 1968, he was captured in GHASRE SHIRIN area and SAVAK detected his identity and case was reported to the center.
SAVAK REPORTS: Today AHMAD MOSTAFAVI along with some people from the bazar were brought to the office and during the investigations, he declared he is son of KHOMEINI.
AHMAD says: Returning from one of my trips from Iraq, I was arrested. Almost for three months, I was not tortured.
They transferred him from GHASRE SHIRIN city to GHEZEL GHALEH prison in Tehran and the arrest case was issued on April 12, 1968 with charge of taking a step against internal security. Based on controlling the letters through post office, they investigated AHMAD, in a number of sessions. And SEYED AHMAD with an especial cleverness, answered the questions.
SAVAK asked: who is SHIKH NASROLLAH KHALKHALI, and why you wrote him a letter?
AHMAD answered: one who has no responsibilities. One who until now hadn`t record. I know nothing about him. Can a 70 years old man be my friend? A man who is older than my father. I have nothing to hide.
With spreading of the news that son of Khomeini has been arrested, AYATOLLAH HAKIM in a letter to Ayo ATOLLAH TEHRANI, asks him to do something so that he gets released.
SAVAK could not gather documents to prove his guilt. So to make use of this matter, they gave the news concerning arrest of AHMAD by Iraqi officials to the press and this unwillingly led to the surfacing the name and memory of Imam and AHMAD as a political figure.
Finally he was released on 24 August 1968 from prison and after several days went to QOM. After returning to QOM, a number of clergies from different cities particularly from KHOMEIN, came to visit him. And SAVAK was controlling him more. SAVAK reports: AHMAD who was previously a student, has recently wears the clergy clothes and because of this principle and noting his father`s position. He is in good standing in QOM city. It is possible that he along with supporters of his father, engages in offensive activities. So it is better to control him more. Moreover it is better, he goes to NAJAF.
AHMAD played an active role in printing and distributing the Imam` announcements that were issued from NAJAF.
AHMAD continued his journeys to MECA and Syria also. He met doctor CHAMRAN and his dangerous position. CHAMRAN talked about his activities and AHMAD listened carefully.
In 1978, AHMAD and his wife went to Iraq. This time whole family were together. But unexpected death of MOSTAFA, was not tolerable.
Everybody knew, now younger brother should take all responsibilities. Imam has issued a certificate for AHMAD as next of kin. And younger brother has done his duty well.
In 1979, the whole situation changed. King of Iran escaped. Now Iran was in control of Imam. So AHMAD continued his duty along with other great men to serve Islam and Iran.


In the morning of 21 March 1995, the news concerning AHMAD`s illness created a wave of worries in Tehran and few minutes later throughout Iran. Reports were telling that his heart and breath are in disposition. And later in his sleep, this has led to brain stop.
Anyway the medical team spent 5 days on him. But no result. On the night of 25 March 1995, became the end of his worldly life. He lived throughout his life beside KHOMEINI and his goal.




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