Addiction and the collapse of family

today ,at the beginning of the third millennium, the crisis of the addiction like a universal Akhtapoos has threatened the body and soul of the citizens of the communities
Monday, August 31, 2015
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Addiction and the collapse of family
Addiction and the collapse of family


Translator: Samad Ahadi



The reasons for family collapse:

today ,at the beginning of the third millennium, the crisis of the addiction like a universal Akhtapoos has threatened the body and soul of the citizens of the communities however, this phenomenon is mentioned in TVs ,magazines, newspapers with expressions as “house burning disaster” “ importing souvenir, imperialistic plots and overall illnesses “. The issue of addiction in today’s life is considered as important social issues that in most of the countries are regarded as main problem and our country has not been survived out of this social harm and every day, around this nation, we observe many people as victims entangled in the trap of addictions that by observing this situation make any intellectuals to study and think and as result avoid of victimizing community. One of the reasons of family insecurity is some of the family tendency toward to addiction that we will discuss it in detail.

The definition of addiction:

addiction is derived from āda which means used to something or accustomed to something it does not differ what it is however, as getting used to something happens in a way that leaving it or kick it up brings about illness and is along with physical , spiritual or behavioral which is called addiction and is accounted as dependency. The man’s sense of habit has made him able to get used to many things such as doing life affairs, food, specific wearing style and sometimes in leaving them face it with shape that this issue is more correct in using materials. Addiction means a living phenomenon which makes body organ able to adapt itself with part of poisonous substances and bears daily using of these materials which is fatal for top organism. Physiologists defines addiction as “a state which creates a continuous usage of addiction in the person nevertheless, by using drugs , stimulating neurotic cells and neurotic system has been increased as result, more drugs needed to resume them states of balance. The universal Health Organization in 1950 has defined addiction as:
1- Addiction to drugs is a chronic and fatal poison which is harmful to person and community however; the features of this mood are regarded as tendency to a need and requirement to the flow of life and obtaining it as possible as needed.
2- The existence of an intense desire or extreme tendency to drug usage which is known as intense need.
3- A psychic or mental dependency to addicting drugs in a way that when the drug is not got to drug user, the mental and physical outcomes of drug stop are appeared in the drug users’ appearance.
4- The expression of drug is an expression that since 1338 has been used in law making centers and organizations established to battle this drug in Iran and are also regarded as all the substances which have affected man and bring about mental and psychic dependency.

The reasons and preliminary for marriage:

Generally, based on criticism and gathering theoretical versions, we can divide reasons and tendency to addiction into three groups.
A group of the mentioned issues are reasons which are related to making community in different political, economical, social and cultural dimensions. Therefore, this sets of agents has been out of the person’s control and has appeared since past and are regarded as social determinism. Reasons such as not developing and general poverty, crisis and general disasters, lack of intelligibility about the drug’s outcomes due to cultural poverty, available minor culture in the environment, lack of affection and deprivation of mechanical life, imperialistic policies and etc. the second set is related to person’s inseparable environment and also the result of social reactions which is current in the social construction and they are indicative of sorts of relations which are prone to addiction such as having relation with addicted guys and friends, existence of addicted member of the family, unhealthy social relations are considered as the second set.
The third groups is minor factors and are related to individual characteristics and resorting to drugs as curable or calmative of behavioral or psychical problems, depression, lack of belief, the experiences of ecstasy, increase and improvement of sexual stimulating are considered of this type. But, the reasons which has dedicated the most influence to itself and are considered as the main cause are commerce with addicted guys , the presence of an addicted member in the family, economic poverty, lack of healthy entertainment, physical illness , unemployment, the experience of transient joy by using drug, the increase and improvement of physical stimulation and preventing from precocious sexual satisfaction, lack of intelligibility about the drug’s harm , lack of belief and weakness in religious principals , Iranian literature of recognition , lack of affection , kindness , deprivations resulted by mechanical life and employment , the existence of smuggling bounds and imperialistic policies.

Family and addiction:

The social researchers consider family as the base and fundamental nucleus of communal treatments and generally the person’s social personality however, some believes that the main reasons of addiction is shaking familial relations and lack of reasonable tendencies regarding this subject. The kids spend three sensitive periods in the mother’s skirt, childhood, teenage period and the period when they are young. The kids in their age period which often include their 9 or 10 years of their age, learn their good and bad of the behaviors and the parents if they are aware of intelligibility and environmental sensitivities and also capacity and mind delicacy, they will can have a positive role in the forming od its own child nevertheless, the period when they are young and teen is regarded as sensitive periods in the life of their children.
By the beginning of the first years of second decade of life, the wonderful period of maturity is began which means different psychic, physical and mental aspects of life. The families must be well-aware that period of maturity including changes on the appearance is also the period of uncertainty in terms of psychic and mental depressions, anxieties , contrary tendencies in the moments of joy, proudness, cover or uncover loving and thousands of dreams in the mind and brain of the man. The sense of curiosity, tasting and experiencing new events , not getting satisfied by daily routines and activities , examining any kind of action and job and backing to any symbols and values of the past all and all are regarded as characteristics related to the past. Fathers and mothers must consciously and in the level of their kid’s mind understand these likely harms and also the parents must teach them the sense of responsibility, independence and commitment however, the safe family bed and reasonable parent’s treatment with children can deliver a healthy and committed child to the community. Therefore, it is the time when growing sensitivities is well evaluated and harms an threats are also well-recognized hence, from this perspective , family is more influential in kid’s becoming addicted or not.
The considerable issue is the mothers’ role in the family club so, the families that enjoy motherly relations along with trust and acceptance , provide promising future for their children or at least lesser psychic and social harms threatens their children. The first of the addiction outcome is exerted on the family thus, addiction make the drug users’ family insecure and endanger their future fate. The outcome or souvenir of addiction is not something except depression and anxiety as result, the happiness and joy leaves the family of the addicted person and destroys the life. The most important effect of addiction on family is leaving control, discipline and anarchy and this is a prerequisite for corruption however, in 44 investigations done in this area shows that these families were living in this way. 91 percent of these families were suffering from addiction such as fathers and mothers’ addiction caused unrestrained families in many cases. Addiction, due to heavy costs, brings about many financial problems after a while even in the families with high income. The pressure the accused family undergoes is a pressure by its own is considered a danger for making corruption for the gamily members. If the family members have enjoyed their health and resist the problems or in terms of control and care are taken care by one of their healthy parents then, the existence of an addicted parent will influence them and will cause lack of psychic balance and their social depression. Addiction whether directly or indirectly affect on family however, family anxiety, worry and so on are the result of one of the family member. If the family caretaker is addict , then what a big trouble it will be and in many cases it is observed that the families are severely suffering from their children’s addiction and they resort to several activities thus, families and parents prepare the factor for corruption and will harness the person for a promising future however, drug using by family members, leaving children , family pressure and strains , immoral activities, secularism and lack of trust in God , debilitating the personality of the children, economical and financial poverty in the family , indifference to the children’s friend making , avoiding of consultative methods with children and ultimately ignoring the children’s tendencies and interest.

Addiction and divorce:

out of the other important issues which are posed regarding family and addiction is the term of divorce. we must pay attention that there are many women that despite of their husband’s addiction , due to having stability and affection, they are not interested to have divorce and get along with the situation thus, the divorces resulted by addiction are not a good indicator for addicted families. That’s a fact divorce is out of the main factors for many family collapse moreover, this is considerable that divorce by its own is a reason for many of crimes and paves the way for parents and their children deviation hence, divorce and addiction are mutually and closely related to each other.




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