Boy and the giant of desert

In ancient times there was a boy living with his father and mother. One day the father said to his son: "You are now getting adult. You should go and learn some
Boy and the giant of desert
Boy and the giant of desert

Author: Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net

Extracted from Rasekhoon
In ancient times there was a boy living with his father and mother. One day the father said to his son: "You are now getting adult. You should go and learn some job for your future in order that when you get old you won't remain poor." The son accepted the advice of his father and one day got ready and went and went until he reached a farm.
He met an old man next to the farm and said to him: "O old man! Teach me a job." The old man said: "OK. But you should stay at me seven years." The boy accepted his offer and worked in the farm beside the old man for seven years. At the last day of the seventh year, the old man called him and put a walnut on his palm and said: "This is your wage for seven years of your work. Now return back to your home."
The boy said nothing and took the walnut and set off. He went and went until he reached a place where was desert and he had nothing to eat.
Just at that moment he remembered the walnut. He broke the walnut and suddenly several thousand caws and sheep and a number of cauldrons full of cooked rice and fish and fricassee came out of it. The boy first ate his dinner and then thought about this fact that how he could stick those two halves of the walnut together. His thought had not finished yet that suddenly a giant appeared and stood up in front of the boy and said: "I can made all these caws and sheep to return back to the walnut and stick the two halves of the walnut. But I require a condition to do that." The boy got glad and asked: "What is the condition?" The giant said: "The condition is that in your wedding night I pick up you and put you on the fire of my hookah." At once the boy accepted his offer. The giant uttered some words and all the cows and sheep went into the walnut and the walnut became as its first form. The boy picked up the walnut and went home and in front of his father and mother he broke the walnut again and all the cows and sheep came out. The boy sold the cows and sheep. In that manner he could build a big house for his father and mother and himself and got rich.
Several years elapsed until when the boy's father called him and said: "O son! I have got old. I want to see your wedding celebration before death." The boy told the story of the giant in the desert to his father and mother, but anyhow the father insisted on his speech and said: "Most probably you have become imaginary. Existence of giant is false."
The old man began to cry band at last the boy took pity to him and agreed to marry. They held a big celebration at the wedding night and invited the whole city. But during the jubilation and happiness of the people, the boy suddenly saw the giant. Immediately rode his horse and fled.
He went and went until he reached an old woman. He told her the story and said that the giant of the desert was following him. The old woman gave him a beautiful handkerchief and said: "If you go leftwards, a fire wall will protect you and the giant won't cross the fire. But if you shake the handkerchief two times the wall will go aside and you can pass it."
The boy took the handkerchief from the old woman and set off. He went until he reached the fire wall. He shook the handkerchief two times. The wall went aside. The boy entered a very green and pleasant plain and saw there a cottage. He went toward the cottage. A woman and her daughter were living in that cottage. The woman said to the boy: "My daughter liked this handkerchief. Please give her this handkerchief and in return I'll give you three loafs that if you press them in your hand they will become three dogs. The first dog will have a sharp ear, and the second dog will have so powerful teeth, and the third dog will be able to run very swiftly."
The boy gave the handkerchief to the girl and took the three loafs from the woman. One day the girl went next to the fire wall to play and shook her handkerchief two times. So the giant who had stood up on the other side of the wall could pass the fire wall and come in, but the dog having sharp ear immediately understood his entrance and wanted the dog which could run very swiftly to run toward the giant in order to make him busy until when the dog having so powerful teeth to reach. The second dog ran at once and made the giant busy, and the third dog reached after a while and chewed the head of the giant and killed him.
The boy returned back home while he had been away for a long time and married the girl who was his fiancée.


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