Daughter of King and poor boy

Once upon a time, in ancient times, there was a king who had only a daughter. The name of the girl was Mehreh. She had a white horse which its name was
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
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Daughter of King and poor boy
Daughter of King and poor boy

Author: Mohammad Ghasem Zade
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefi Poor
Source: Rasekhoon.net

Extracted from Rasekhoon
Once upon a time, in ancient times, there was a king who had only a daughter. The name of the girl was Mehreh. She had a white horse which its name was Tizdo. She also had a tambourine and she dad name of Haftjol to it. The daughter of the king liked these things so much. One day the girl went out for excursion. Just in the same day a poor boy was walking in the market and was selling what he had on a tray. The girl was walking in a path where that boy was standing with his tray to sell his things. As the boy saw the daughter of the king, he fell deeply in her love. This love was such intense that made him to go immediately ahead and began to woo her. As the girl saw the movements of the boy, she said to him: "If you can pass the exam I'll propose successfully, I'll marry you."
The boy accepted her offer. He promised the girl that he was able to do what the girl wanted him. The king's daughter said I'll marry the person who could tell her the name of her horse and the name of her tambourine.
After that, whenever the king was walking in the crowd to go to mosque, the people began to ask him what the names of the horse and the tambourine of his daughter were. But the kind said noting to them at all because he knew that if a boy knew them, he would become his son in law. On the other hand there was a demon living in that city and he also liked the daughter of the king but the girl was afraid of him a she did not like him. When it was night, the demon approached the palace in this hope to understand the names of the horse and tambourine of Mehreh in order to marry her.
There was a sea near the palace of the king. All foods like fresh fruits and dried fruits were carried to the palace through this sea. The demon hired a ship carrying watermelons. The demon entered the city with the ship and when the ship was passing close to the palace he entered the palace through a window and went to a stable where the horse of the Gol Mehreh was tied. The slave of Gol Mehreh came and poured straw for the horse. Then Gol Mehreh came herself and went toward the horse and said: "O Tizdo! Eat until when you are hungry no longer."
Then Gol Mehreh said to the slave: "Fetch Haftjol to play it for Tizdo a little." As the demon heard the names of the horse and the tambourine, he got very glad. He waited until it became night. Then he went out of the stable and prepared for a party and invited the king and his daughter too. The demon said to the king: "I know the names of the horse and tambourine of the daughter of the king." As Gol Meheh heard so, she laughed and said: "From where has this stupid learned the names of my horse and tambourine?"
The king and Gol Mehreh went to the party of the demon. During the party, the demon went to the king and said: "O Qiblah of the universe! You should give me your daughter because I know the names of the horse and tambourine of your daughter. I am the only person to know them." The king thought that the demon was stupid and did not know the names of the horse and tambourine of the girl. So he promised the demon that if the demon said correctly the names of the horse and the tambourine, he would give him his daughter. So he faced the demon and said: "Now tell me the names of them."
The demon said: "The name of the horse of your daughter is Tizdo, and the name of the tambourine of you daughter is Haftjol."
The king became surprised. Gol Mehreh began to cry. Anyway, the king had promised and did know what to do no longer. He said to the demon to come to the palace in the next day to give him his daughter.
Gol Mehreh had no power due to sadness. So, as she entered the palace immediately she sent to bring the poor boy because she had liked him. The boy immediately came to the palace and when he saw the girl distracted and he understood what had happened, he said:"Don't worry at all. I am with you. No one can take you from me."
The boy pulled four hair strands of his horse's tail and gave then to Gol Mehreh and said: "Whenever you encounter a problem, fire these hairs. Fire only one hair strand. If even your father insisted, don't agree at all and take only one horse not anything else."
Gol Mehreh accepted and the poor boy went.
In the morning, the demon came to take Gol Mehreh. But Gol Mehreh fired one hair strand of the horse. The poor boy and his horse appeared and hid themselves in a corner.
The demon was riding on a horse and was wearing groom suit. As the poor boy had advised her, Gol Mehreh took only a horse and did not take anything else with herself. The demon and Gol Mehreh set off and the poor boy followed them secretly at behind. They went and went until they reached a desert. The demon went to inspect the desert well. The poor boy used the opportunity and went to Gol Mehreh and said: "Now, close your eyes and lash the horse. Your lash should be such strong that the meat of the horse stiches to it."
The girl did so. In a moment later, when she opened her eyes, she found herself in a beautiful and green land. The poor boy was also standing next to her, but the demon did not exist. They became so glad and went and married. Then they built a good house and began to live together.
After a while, an intense war occurred between that land and the neighboring country. The officers announced that everyone who can defeat the enemy army, the kingdom of the city would be given to him. As the boy heard that news, said to Gol Mehreh: "I will take part in this war. Be sure that I will win."
Whatever Gol Mehreh insisted him no to go for war, he didn't care her and went to fight. The war took long ten years and the husband of Gol Mehreh could not return back home. In the absence of the boy, the demon understood that Gol Mehreh was living in which city and that she had married the poor boy. He went and found the home of Gol Mehreh. He did not go ahead but remained waiting and changed the words of every letters the husband of Gol Mehreh sent to her in such a manner to make the heart of Gol Mehreh cold to her husband. By reading those changed letters, cried so much. She wept days and nights. When she wrote a letter to her husband, the demon took it from the messenger with trick and changed the words of it in such a manner to influence in the heart of the boy. For example Gol Mehreh had written: "We now have a twin son and daughter named as Mah Pishani and Zarin Kolah." The demon wrote instead of it: "Our home has become full of dogs and cats. Come and take them." He sent the letter to the husband of the girl. When the boy got the letter, he wrote in her response: "Go out of my home and kill the dogs and cats."
Gol Mehreh wept continuously and thought about the letter of her husband. After a while she went to a wooden house and lived in it. After several years, the war ended and the husband of Gol Mehreh went back home. When he understood what happened, first he searched well and found the demon and killed him. Then he searched and searched to find her wife and children. He went for a long time and at last he approached the wooden house and sat in the yard. He saw a little girl and a little boy who were dropping their wooden horses into the pool while saying: "O wooden horse! Drink water in order to grow up. Drink water in order to grow up."
The boy approached them and said: "Wooden don't grow up. Give me some bread. I am hungry."
The girl said: "Doesn't a wooden horse grow up?"
The boy said: "No."
The girl laughed and went home to bring bread. When she reached home said to Gol Mehreh: "O mother! A person has come and says that a wooden horse does not grow up and wanted me to bring bread to him since he is hungry."
Gol Mehreh looked at him from back of the gate and recognized her husband. She said to the girl: "Go and bring him home to give him food here. But first say to him if the human beings are able to become dogs and cats, wooden horses can also grow up."
The girl went to the man and uttered the words of Gol Mehreh. The man was surprised and looked at the girl and felt that he knew her. He went home with the girl. The girl seated him in a chair and brought him some bread.
Gol Mehreh was not yet facing her husband. They had nothing in home to cook food for the man. She had to kill her horse. When the horse understood her intention said to Gol Mehreh: "I shoul say you some things before you kill me. Put your two children between two ribs of me after killing me. Put the two legs and two eyes of ne near the children. Put the intestine and blood and liver of me under your feet. Use my skin as rug in home and cook my heart for guest."
Gol Mehreh killed the horse and acted the works the horse wanted and then she slept at night. In the morning, when she got up, she saw her two children sleeping in two silk beautiful beds. Their small home had become a beautiful palace.
She got out of home and saw that her horse was alive and was bound to the flower tree by a silver rope and two beautiful slaves were standing near the horse. The slaves came and fanned the children in their beds. Due to great happiness, Gol Mehreh didn't know what she should do. She raced out and kissed her horse.
Gol Mehreh said to her daughter: "Go and ask my horse if it permits this man to enter."
The girl went and said the message of her mother to the horse. The horse said: "Let him to enter, but say to your mother to put on menswear and to introduce herself as the father of the children."
The girl took the message of the horse to the mother, and Gol Mehreh did the same work.
As the man entered home, Gol Mehreh wearing menswear went to him and greeted him.
The man did not recognize Gol Mehreh, but the woman who had recognized the man earlier said to him: "How did you come to this city? Are you looking for someone?"
The man said: "Yes. I've made a mistake in my life and had expelled my wife and children out of home. Now I'm looking for them. Like you, my wife had a black spot in the corner of her lips. If I don't find them, I will kill myself. I have no wish in my life other than seeing them."
As Gol Mehreh heard his words, she stood up and took her hat and men's cassock off. As the man saw Gol Mehreh looked at her surprised and astonished and suddenly became unconcious and fell onto the ground.
Gol Mehreh dropped herself beside her husband and said to her daughter to fetch syrup. Very soon, the girl poured syrup in the mouth of the man and made him to recover. The man opened his eyes. The girl said: "O mother! Who is this man?" Gll Mehreh answered: "This man is your father." The girl and boy got happy by seeing their father and all of them began a common happy life.



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