Shoemaker's son

There was a king having a very beautiful daughter. Her daughter was not only very beautiful but also a wise and perfect human.
Shoemaker's son
Shoemaker's son

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
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There was a king having a very beautiful daughter. Her daughter was not only very beautiful but also a wise and perfect human.
Near the palace there lived a shoemaker. The shop of the shoemaker was in front of the window of the room of the king's daughter. The shoemaker had a young son who was beautiful, tall, active and clever.
One day the shoemaker's son was sitting in the shop and was cutting leather. The daughter of the king saw him and fell deeply in his love. The boy also saw her and fell in her love. From that day on, the boy sat on the roof and the girl at the window and they began to talk romantically with each other.
Two months expired. One day, in the evening, the boy went to the roof and saw the daughter of the king who was crying and sobbing. He asked her: "Why are you crying?" The girl answered: "They want to give me to the son of the king of the neighboring country." The boy said: "You know yourself that we cannot marry together. So it is better for you to go to the house of happiness." But when he was saying so, all his body was trembling and his heart was hurt. The girl said: "I only marry you, and if you don’t want me, I won't marry anyone at all." However the boy advised her, it was useless. At last, the girl rejected the son of the king of the neighboring country with any excuse. But other suitors were persistent. Everyday a prince came to propose to her. The girl rejected all of them.
One day, the king called the nursemaid of the daughter and said her: "Why does my daughter reject all of her suitors? Why does she complain every one?" The nursemaid, who was aware of the hidden visits of the daughter of the king and the son of the shoemaker, told the story to the king. The king got angry and ordered that his daughter should live close to his room and also should not go out of her room. The girl could not tolerate separation of the son of the shoemaker. So she got sick and remained in bed. She was getting worse and worse and looked faded. Providing more physicians and medicine did not make any difference. In order to make the daughter disappointed completely, the king called the nursemaid and said her: "Today, in a proper manner, say her that the shoemaker's son has died, hoping that this thought goes from her mind."
As the girl heard the news of the death of the boy, she got heart - attack and everyone thought she died. They blackened the city. The king got sick due to sadness. They put the corpse of the girl in a box and buried it and pour water on the grave. The water penetrated and reached around the box. As water contacted the body of the girl, who had not really died, she regained consciousness.
She saw that everywhere was dark and she could not move. She shouted so much but no one could hear her. On the other hand, the son of the shoemaker, who had heard the news, went to the cemetery. He put his head on the grave and cried so much. Suddenly the sound of moaning from the grave came to his ear saying: "I am alive. Take me out of the grave." The boy hurried toward home and brought pickaxe and dug the grave and took the girl out of the grave and took her to his home. He wanted his father and mother not to tell about that story to anyone.
In the next day, the boy and the girl married. The girl gave birth to a daughter after nine months and nine days and nine hours. The baby was quite similar to her mother, as if they were two halves of an apple divided into two halves.
The days and months were passing. The child became three years old. One day, the daughter of the king took her child to the bathhouse. Perversely, the king's wife had gone to the bathhouse in the same day too. The king's daughter recognized her mother. So she went a corner and sat there to be hidden from the sight of her mother. The child was playing and ran here and there. The king's wife liked the child and seated the child on her legs and began to caress her. The kid was very much like to her daughter; her eyes, her nose, her lips and mouth, her face and hair, …. Suddenly she remembered her daughter and began to cry. All the women gathered around and consoled her. Suddenly she shouted and became unconscious. The daughter of the king could not tolerate and ran to her mother and embraced the head of her mother. The mother opened her eyes and saw the face of the girl. He could not believe. The daughter said her: "I am alive. I have not died." Then, the girl told her mother all her story. The mother took her daughter and granddaughter to the palace and informed the king. The king was very happy and ordered to bring the son of the shoemaker to the palace with ceremonies.
The king, who had got very old, took the crown from his head and put it on the head of his son – in – law and gave then a big palace to live there. The son of the shoemaker became king and years and years he lived happily with his wife and governed the people with justice.


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