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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Shahrokh and Narpari - 3

Shahrokh and Narpari - 3

Shahrokh and Narpari - 3

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


When the girl went, consciousness also went out of the head of Shahrokh. He was so sad and astonished and took his head between his hands. He did not know what he should do and how now he should follow that girl. When he felt himself helpless began to cry.
But when Narpari reached the roof, she thought that it was unfair that after so many years of following her done by a person without any benefiting from youth, now only for a little mistake to leave him. Who made himself such unfortunate to reach a girl? Who abandoned everything only in love of a girl? She thought she was better to return back and test him once more. When Narpari thought well and took her decision, she whirled and changed into a pear and returned back to the room through the same hole.
Shahrokh was so sad that did not notice the pear. But when he thought well he inferred that while there was no pear tree around there, existence of pear in the room meant that Narpari had forgiven him and had returned back. So excited, he took the pear and put it in his bag. Immediately he went and wanted a builder to close even the hole of chimney. When the work of the builder finished, he went to the room and there he divided the pear into two halves. Narpari went out of the pear and sat in front of the king's son.
Shahrokh was so glad. He said the girl: "You can be changed into any form you like whenever you wished, but I request you, at this evening when my father and mother are going here to see us, don't bother them because from when I followed you they languished so much due to parting of me, and now they like to see the result of their forty - years effort."
Narpari agreed and the father and mother of Shahrokh would be to go that day to the new palace to see Narpari closely. But at that afternoon, the king's son went out for a work and Narpari remained alone in the palace. The eyes of the minister's daughter were looking forward the king's son from several years before. She had remained waiting him. Now he had noticed that Narpari had taken her place at Shahrokh. So as if she caught fire due to jealousy and was impatient due to hatred to the girl. She said herself that it was so long the she was in love of Shahrokh, and had remained waiting him to return back, and now suddenly another woman had appeared and was attracting him toward her. She concluded that she must kill that girl anyway to get rid of her.
So the minister's daughter stood up and gladly went to the palace of Narpari and when she arrived in ben to greet her very warmly and said her: "O my lady! As I see you have sit alone in the palace. Isn't it a pity that a young girl as you to sit in home in a good day such as today? Why don't you come to garden? There you can find very beautiful flowers which are able to remove any sadness you have. You will forget all of them. You are so beautiful. Why are you so alone and sad in this room?" The minister's daughter very coaxed the girl and told her about the garden and trees and flowers that at last Narpari stood up and went with her to the garden. She took Narpari to a corner of the garden in which there existed a well. When they reached at the well, suddenly she pushed Narpari into the well and ordered her servant to drop a big amount of stone and wood in the well on the head of Narpari in order to kill her in the well. When she thought that Narpari was alive no longer, she went to the palace and wore the clothes of Narpai and sat in place of her.
The king and his wife and Shahrokh and the authority of the court arrived and saw the daughter of the minister and became very surprised, since she was so ugly and bad tempered to disgust every one. The king got angry and faced Shahrokh and rebuking him said: "Wow! Is she that gem you spent forty years of your life to obtain? What a hunt you have brought with yourself!" The king did not remain waiting to the response of Shahrokh and went back, and others followed him in going back. Shahrokh was so furious. He faced the girl and said: "How you exculpated me! I requested you sincerely not to show yourself in other forms today that my father and mother were to come here. What is this figure you have made for yourself?" His speech had been not yet that he peered the girl and recognized the daughter of the minister. Suddenly he noticed that she was not Narpari, and the minister's daughter had sat in the place of her. He was being fired in wrath. He push the girl onto the floor and began to beat her extremely. The girl understood if she did not speech she would be killed. Inevitably, she confessed that she had dropped Narpari into the well. Shahrokh went and ordered that a few men went to the well and took the stones and woods out of the well, but no news was from Narpari. As Shahrokh noticed that he had lost Narpari again, became extremely sad and secluded. He sat days and nights in that palace thinking without inferring anything. He did not know what he should do and where he should follow Narpari. At first because of his furious he ordered to hang the king's daughter in the well by her hair, but after some days he forgave and released her.
Days were elapsing but Shahrokh was not able to forget Narpari. He was always sad and communicated with no one. No tries of others for taking him out of the thought of that girl were successful even by introducing him many so beautiful girls.
One day a boy was passing beside the wall of the palace. He noticed that in the corner of the garden, a green and fresh bush had grown out of the well and a red beautiful flower had been opened on its branch. The boy secretly jumped into the garden and picked the flower and took it to his grandmother who was sick in her bed. The grandmother was surprised very much because until then she had not seen such a beautiful flower. She put the flower in a pot having water. After a while, it was spread among the neighbors that the old woman had a very beautiful flower that did not wither at all.
The people, who had not seen until then such a strange flower, began to go to the home of the old woman in groups to see the fresh flower. This news spread throughout the city and the people of the king's palace heard it. The king's son too heard this news. One day he decided to go and see what kind of flower that was. He went to the home of the old woman and as soon as he saw it, his heart became enlightened and in addition he heard a voice saying that this flower could not be an ordinary flower.
He inspected and found out that this flower was from the same well into which Narpari had been dropped. He guessed strongly that this flower must be the same that girl who had been changed into flower. So, he gave a much amount of money to the old woman and his grandson and bought the flower from them and took it to his home and put it in a beautiful silver pot and began to confabulate with it every day and every night.
He had become a little calm now. But after a few days, in an afternoon, he was walking in the garden that passed the same well. He stood for an hour beside the well and was watching it sadly. Suddenly tears were gathered in his eyes and sadly said himself that he endeavored for forty years and the fool daughter of the minister destroyed all of his endeavors. He sighed and said himself that if he saw Narpari one time more, he would know how to take care of her. As soon as these words came out of the mouth of the king's son, suddenly a voice was heard from the bottom of the well saying: "Let's examine." Shahrokh was surprised that he saw a deer having a horn from gold and a horn from silver came out of the well and went toward the palace with a few jumps. It went slowly upstairs and san on the bed. Shahrokh followed the deer and did not know to cry or laugh due to shock and confusion. He saw the pot and notice that it had no flower in it. He also did not saw the deer, but instead he saw Narpari who was more beautiful than before and was watching him while smiling.
The king's son, who was very happy, immediately informed his father and mother. The king and his wife went the same day to see Narpari. As they saw the beauty and perfection of her, they said bravo to Shahrokh. The king ordered to illuminate the city and to declare the wedding of Shahrokh and Narpari.


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