The relationship between prophecy and Imamate in theosophy

While comparing the prophecy and Imamate, it is commonly believed that "the prophets, in fact, are those who have been melted in truth and remained in it and they know the
The relationship between prophecy and Imamate in theosophy
The relationship between prophecy and Imamate in theosophy


Translator: Zahra Zamanloo
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While comparing the prophecy and Imamate, it is commonly believed that "the prophets, in fact, are those who have been melted in truth and remained in it and they know the hidden secrets and inform us about them. Their source of information on the hidden facts is the uniqueness of their demise. And the source of facts and the source of truth is the same Imamate. This position is not acquired as the position of prophets, but its acquisition is through the removal of obstacles. So the circle of Imamate is larger than the circle of prophecy so prophecy is interrupted, but Imamate is not interrupted.
Kaiser in the introduction of Fusus says:
There is no end for the perfection of Imamate so the great men have infinite degrees. Then, it talks about the degree of prophets: "As the prophets, who were sent to guide people, sometimes had legislation and divine books, and sometimes they had no legislation and book. They were divided into two categories chosen and non-chosen. Those prophets who have book are superior in comparison to those prophets who have no books since they are comprehensive in three times: Imamate, prophecy and mission. Then the prophets are superior, because they have both levels of Imamate and prophecy, although their guardianship is premier than prophecy and prophecy, is higher than official mission, since that is by the prophet that world events are along with angels and they receive revelation. Their humanity is the aspect of their mission and that fits the human world. Ibn Arabi (the kindness of God upon him) refers to the same point: "The prophet is in limbo rank lower than
"Imamate "and above the" apostle '' This means that prophecy is at a lower level than velayat, and over than mission.
The conviction is on the basis that:
A – The owner has the knowledge of law and fact and he is conscious of appearance and reality, while the scope of the mission of prophets and apostles is only religion and appearance.
B - Prophecy and mission are limited in time and place and so they would be cut off, like now that they are cut off, but velayat is not limited to time and place but its root is the eternity and applicable.
C - Prophet and Messenger takes his knowledge by revelation from God who is the King but knowledge of vali and Imam is directly an inner truth that is taken inherently from God.
D) – the best Divine Names is the name "vali", and the origin of each creature is a set of divine names and divine beings. Therefore, the creature that embodies the name "Elul" and is determined to be caused by it, then all things will be better in receiving the nature of truth.
E - As the prophets have the last one, the Imams have the last one. On this basis the holy Quran has an appearance and a hidden reality so its audience will be different too.
The great author knows the mysticism as the nature of law, and based on this, the Holy Quran has an appearance and a reality, so its audiences will also be different.
Contrary to appearances, there is a public and the audience of inside, has its properties assigned to full and informed limits.
This is one of the key positions in the implementation of Islamic mystics' in adaptation with the mysticism of Islam, Gnosticism as heresy against those principles that are against the teachings of Islam and its lofty teachings derived from non-heresy graphic Islam. Now this occasion we will have a discussion on it is the principles and teachings of Sufism explained in Islam:
Mystics know their principles, beliefs and their actions, derived from Islam, and from Islam itself, and even the "reality" of Islam. In this case, we will consider one of the oldest texts of mysticism that is Al lomeh Abu Nasr Sarraj Tusi. He says in this regard:
I was asked about Sufism that people have different opinions about it and talk about it to extremes in praising and I want to express my opinion and I write my description, a description of Sufism based on religious principles based on obeying the almighty God and following the Messenger of Allah peace upon him and paying attention to ethics functions of Companions and the righteous servants of God, and it is why I am committed to Scripture and tradition, the right to revoke the researcher and void ... and correct to be known from incorrect. As this is a science of religion.
The argument goes on to say that:
In my opinion - Allah knows - the heirs of the prophets are scientists who are vertical scholars, and work on the Book of God and their source of compliance is the efforts of Prophet and the Companions and followers and friends are pious and righteous people, who are divided into three categories and groups:
Companions of Hadith, scholars and Sufis ... and so there are many types of sciences, among them; the science of religion has three types: the science of the Quran, the traditions and the expression of faith and science. These three types of science of religion are in general in those three categories of scientists obtained from three sources: the verses from the Book of Allah, the news of the Messenger of Allah (peace upon him and his Descendants), wisdom that has come to the heart of the divine scholars.
The essence of the word "faith tradition" that Gabriel asked the Prophet Muhammad about the three principles, the question of Islam and faith and forgiveness, appearance and reality and truth, and therefore Islam is concerned to the appearance, a superficial faith and both backend and frontend and backend, and the provisions of goodness of truth and the holy Prophet of Islam said: "It is good when you worship God as if you see Him and if you do not see him for sure he sees you." And the three categories of scholars in the science and practice are different, and the degree and virtue are better than one another, as God, the Almighty said: (These include the degrees of Science) and the Prophet said, "People are equal like the teeth of a comb and one is not superior to anyone, except to knowledge and piety. So anyone who has some failures in his life in any branches of religion and the principles and provisions of the law and the facts about it, apparently and inwardly he is forced to refer to three groups: the scholars of hadith, jurists, Sofia. He knows it and he does not know that such perfection is not possible with all of the actions and circumstances. The place is where God wants everyone to be there.
Then it deals with science and practices of the people of Hadith and Islamic scholars and Sufis in sync with them as their beliefs, and in favor of meanings and he knows their customs, and the Sufis require the issues related to companions of Tradition and jurists, if you do not know what, to them and see if there is a difference among opinions on the basis of precaution, you are better to refer to the first and best opinions. But it adds to the mystic the tradition of professionals and scholars of Hadith in the past and they achieved higher levels in truth, worship and morality. Authorities reached to the higher degrees that scholars and followers of the tradition cannot benefit from this steps. Then, as an example of the characteristics of Sufis, he cites some cases such as breaking all links that make them far from the desirable purpose that is the almighty "God".
Genuine and inner contentment in the food and ..., humility and self-sacrifice, devotion and obedience to God and patience and opposition breath, meditation and respect the secrets and inner thoughts and prayers continue to deny the presence of heart and attempt to follow the divine scholars, to sacrifice and kill and disgrace on self-esteem and prefer death to life, and the involvement of comfort, knowing self and his temptations and intrigues and durability surrender and submission and independence of the power and strength, that of all the books Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger and competence he means, and for those who ask there is no way to deny it. The only people who deny it are those who follow the outward appearance of the dignity and books and do not pay attention to the hidden reality of it.
Then he said that passing this way is difficult and is not suitable for everyone, so ask scholars and palate Bless weather, and the other way are removed from it.
Then he refers to the evidence from the Book of Allah and the traditions and the example of his works can be seen in most texts.
Sheikh Ahmad Alavi (d. 1934 AH) the famous Algeria mystic, after centuries still relies on the same argument that says: According to tradition of faith, Islam has a threefold meaning of the word. Islam means submission to the narrower meaning of the word and acknowledged, faith, charity, and Shaikh al-Alawi noted that at each level of the three, there is a room for discretion: As the Islamic order was obvious in the four Sunni schools, and degrees of faith in theology movement, times Ehsan Baghdadi and Sheikh Jonaid crystallized after ijtihad as a branch of Sufi was quite regular.
Sheikh Heyder AMOLI (the great mystics of the 8th century AH), based on different narrations of the Prophet and the Infallible Imams peace on them knows the same religion as mysticism as religion and he believes that spirituality contains the religion, truth and the difference between them. He even knows their differences and the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him and his Descendants) narrated this tradition that:
Law is the same thing I said and the path is the truth of me and my circumstances and my investment is knowledge and wisdom, the principle of making religion and love, the Sons of Adam, and enthusiasm, and fear of my friend, patience and trust to my knowledge and contentment, and the truth of my house and certain poverty, for which the other prophets have pride about them.
AMOLI follows this tradition and adds:
Anyone who wants to follow the Messenger is good, it is necessary to appreciate the ability, on all or part of this, qualified, and owners of these properties will not be rejected. Because of all this, the difference between things that are a reality of the divine law and divine status, as it was in previous versions. In fact, this is far from three other levels that are requirements, which are three times as much as the original, to the fact that the law is in fact the nature of the mission. And he orders due to the prophecy and the truth of the nature of Imamate. The mission is to promote what the prophecy was for the party, the laws and policies and discipline, ethics and education is the wisdom and the same law. And prophecy is a statement of the facts of the Velayat and leadership, such as information on the knowledge of God's essence, attributes, actions, commandments for slaves, the servants of the completed qualification and their right to the same path that is ethics. And the leadership is the observation of nature and the characteristics and actions of God, the manifestation of perfection, and an opportunity to approach the almighty God and his appointments, and this is the truth. And all this will come to the same truth; the truth of man is attributed to a person like the apostles, because they have this. For the divine law and divine status, a fact that contains these levels, i.e.: religion, spirituality and truth, and the names, as the synonymous names and in terms of credit of course it is true.
Followed by some remarks on the demands of the past, goes on to say that:
When it was realized and proofed, it means that all people, including common and properties are not out of three things: a beginning, middle and end. Because that although the manifestations of the people is not restrict able, but in terms of variety and products it is unique at this three times, in other words, although according to details and lengths the orders are not limited even in numbers, but according to the overview and outline it is limited in this three stages.
The law, called the state of the divine and prophetic religion and spirituality as it is in terms of first and middle as its name.
And though they are much, in principle, but they are not out of the three times. The names of all of them as "religious" and even these are applied for the first phase, the lower stage, and the second stage and third stage specific properties. And the wise men are not far from these degrees. Therefore, even triple, that religion, spirituality and truth encompasses all. And they shall stay all right. Each of them is in place and in terms of time and at the right and true position. And the verse of the Holy Qur'an refers to this.
I swear to God, if only this verse was in the Qur'an, and there was no other verse, it was enough for argument and dispute the correctness of the judgments far enough. And the same is the word of God:
The analogy is far Trilogy: Islam, faith and convinced of the reasonableness and revelation, inspiration and discovery and prophecy, mission and leadership. And as it is not true to deny the divine law, it is not also true to deny the actions and circumstances. And people and deserve to be just in different positions. So we are not allowed to deny the words of the prophets peace on them and the believers, and those views, are not permitted to deny the actions and lives of the prophets, and their actions and circumstances are not permissible in the sense that denying the law of the prophets shall not be lawful and denying the path is not a correct stage of their ranks, as well as denying the fact that in terms of rank and honor of the it is not allowed to say that one of these two is higher.
As quoted evidence from the literature cause excessive prolongation of the matter, it is transpired more than that we matter. Undoubtedly, referring to the books and important source of mysticism, always face these efforts aimed at implementing the principles of Islamic mysticism, and proving their identity. Therefore, we see the mystical texts, full of verses and Hadith and excellence mystics and Sufis, based on the Qur'anic guidance and references infallible divine prophets and stories and scenarios are based on them.
However, despite the similarities between Sufism territories and ethnic groups, we did not properly consider that Islamic mysticism assigned to other sources. Undoubtedly, in the areas of education and Islamic teachings, the mystics of Islam, its teachings and precepts are derived from them. Otherwise, the ease at the same time it is close to such a position of Islam that cannot be in the Muslim world. As Massignon argues that:
The true seed of Sufism is in the Quran, so it is so sufficient that we do not require sitting at the table of a stranger. And he also says that any religious place that has taught his followers to piety, contemplation and devotion, it has the assertion of jurisdiction and it appears to be the spirit of Sufism. After Islamic Sufism, the Muslim reads the holy Quran verses and recites the verses of reflection. We should fulfill its commands and accept its evolutions.
In this regard, I consider the word of Motahary logical and I confirmed "the unity of the Holy Quran, God and creation is not comparable to the manufacturer of house and home, the Quran, God, the Creator and the Creator of the world is introduced At the same time, says the sacred nature is everywhere and with everything no matter where you turn, it is the face of God. And we are closer to you. The first and last of all is he (everything is started from him and will end to him). He is the apparent and visible, inward and invisible at the same time it is he, and other such verses.
It is clear that these verses, calls thoughts and ideas into a superior unity than the unity of Commons read. The tradition says that God knew enough people in monotheism emerge in the end, the first verses of surah Hadid he revealed his signs.
The journey and the closeness of the right to adequate housing is the last verses of the "countenance of God" and revelations of the "R's" and the verses of "revelation" and "inspiration" and conversation with other angels prophets - like Mary - and especially the ascension of the Prophet to be kept in mind. The Koran speaks of sensuality and soul is safe. Speaking of science, "effusions" and "endowed" and direct product of endeavor, are: (These include finasteride
In the Qur'an, the purification of the soul, as the sole cause of salvation and redemption is mentioned.
The Quran repeatedly reminds that the divine love is above all human love and bond is mentioned. The Quran has spoken of praise and all the particles, and in some sense it means that if you people remember that "Recognition" to complete praise and you will understand. In addition, the Qur'an has designed about human nature as "the breath of God"
These are all that inspiring spirituality is massive enough about God and the world and mankind, and especially on human relationships and to be God.
As noted in the statement that Muslim mystics of how the funds have taken advantage, true or false? Talk about the biased opinion of a group called West that call Islam that has the spirituality as the content less saying. Talk about the huge investment in the context of Islam, which could be good inspiration in the Islamic world. For example, so-called mystics have failed to have proper use, other people who are not famous have used it.
In addition, traditions and Islamic sermons and prayers and argue and adult education biographies of those Muslim states that Islam is what dry asceticism and worship are simply not in the hope of reward. The traditions and sermons and prayers and semantic argument is very high, rendering the advent of Islam to the local character of a series of emotional and spiritual import and enlightenment of heart and burners melt, and spiritual love is revealed. We are now one of them will be mentioned in enough state:
The Messenger of Allah peace on him, the day after morning prayers had his eye on a young pale eyes sunk in his skull while he was not conscious and could not keep his balance. He asked: "how are you? He said: I am confident that it worried me, and my nights awaken me (the vigil) and the days keep me hungry (fasting) and my confidence separated me from the world and, as far as I could see the throne of God as if the account has been installed and people all have gathered, and I am among them, as if I see the people of heaven in heaven and I see the people of hell in hell and are tormented as if now I could hear the singing of fires with my ears.
Prophet Muhammad peace on him has turned to his companions and said: this is the person that God sends his light to his heart and shined it by the light of faith.




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