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The role of the UK in support of the Zionist movement

The role of the UK in support of the Zionist movement

The role of the UK in support of the Zionist movement

Translator: Davood Salehan
Source: Rasekhoon.net


We can hear invitations and shouts from some non-European writers that gives the idea of return to the promised land and the ancestral home in the fictional religious character of Judaism because the invitations at that time coincided with improvement of social and political conditions of Jews, and the idea of settling and gathering the Jews, or so-called "chosen people of God" in a national and holy homeland like Palestine as a state of emergency, at its aim is saving the "Jewish nation" from the alienation and exploitation in other nations. It is noteworthy that the invitations and attempts for the "return" of Jews to Palestine raised decades even more than a hundred years before the rise of the Zionist movement, therefore, for example, we can refer to the subject of promoting news and predictions about the rise of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) and the return of Jews to Palestine by a number of European writers, such as the text that English author "Sir Henry Fish" proposed in his book entitled "the return of the Jews" in 1621 AD for the first time and claimed that the return of the Jews to Palestine is going to be soon. Then, predictions increased and these ideas spread usually before the rise of the book "The Cross" by English author "John Arthur" in 1642 AD as far as this author predicted the year 1661 AD as the year when Christ will rise. Then another book was released in 1774 AD owned by an English officer named "Broz Roses" in what he had said the Christ the Redeemer will emerge in 1795, hence, he invited to the idea of Jewish return to Palestine amazingly he knows the British as descendant of tribes of the children of Israel in his book.
In the nineteenth century also new political and religious movements were created that involved in strengthening the political tendencies of Judaism, so feeling compassion and sympathy for the Jews increased in Protestant Europe and proper conditions and atmosphere was made for the birth of "Zionism" or political Jewish, and the idea had a basic role in encouraging Jews to return to Palestine as their original country.
For example, when war broke out between the Ottoman Empire and the great Muhammad Ali Pasha, the great English statesman “Lord Montefiore" offered a colonial project to Mohammad Ali Pasha in 1832 AD and asked him to let two hundred villages in Palestine to be rented by Jews for 50 years. But the plan was not implemented because of the involvement of major countries. So Ali Pasha was forced to recall his troops from Syria and Palestine, but after the failure of the mentioned plan, "Lord Palmerston, 1784 AD", British Foreign Secretary and their Prime Minister, later that he tried for Jewish settlement in Palestine, sent a letter to the ambassador of Great Britain in Ottoman government in which he had asked to recommend the Sultan Ali Pasha or his successor to encourage Jews to migrate to the Palestine so that they will be an obstacle in front of Mohammad Ali Shah or his successor, and primarily the opening of the British consulate in Jerusalem in 1840 was indicator of start of meddling of Great Britain in the affairs of the Ottoman Empire in favor of the Jews. British Foreign Secretary wrote to his English console: "In general, defend the Jews." The number of Jews in Palestine at that time, according to the confession of English console was more than 9 thousand Jews and after the opening of the British consulate in Jerusalem "government Association of Great Britain with other countries' was founded in London in 1884 and it included a number of foreign Jews who worked in favor of the theory of the return of the Jews to Palestine and were under the auspices of Great Britain.
Several books were released in the UK which invited people to the realization of the Zionist project in Palestine by the non-Jewish English missionaries and scholars. For example, in 1854 AD, the book of "The colonization of Palestine by the Jews" was written by the "Colonel Mitford", and also another book called " organized colonization of Jews" by "Colonel Golz, and in 1877, a book called " immigration to Palestine" or " uniting displaced Israel " by English author "Jemez Tail" was written, and the book says: The Jewish settlement in Palestine may be completed successfully , as settlement operation in North America by the Britain was a success settlement, thus he suggests the Jews to use the start of British operation in the Middle East.
"Lord Gush", the Jewish ambassador to England in "Astana" wrote a letter to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire on August 11th 1840 and asked them to consider "Gilad and Moab" areas in the Palestine by area of about 600 hectares, as a "colony" for Jews under the supervision of the Bob Ala and rule there however they know is the best, provided to pay a sum of money less than a few million francs.
The "Alfred Shaftsbury" (1801-1885M), who is one of the English elements of defense and support of Zionist idea for the return of the Jews to Palestine, hoped to add to realize the aspirations, and finally prove contents of the Holy book by excavation and finding works in Palestine as far as he suggested a plan to "Balmerstone" in conference in 1840 in London so that the Jews can live in Palestine because "Shaftesbury" believed realization of Jewish national homeland in Palestine is somehow speeding up the return of Christ to life, which provides fulfillment of Old Testament's prophecies and predictions.
Examples that can be used by that the Europeans supported Zionist idea of Jews to return to Palestine from the very beginning is the same message that the pastor "Bradshow " issued in 1844 in what he offered a plan to the British Parliament according to which 4 million pounds, plus a million other was gathered from churches to help plan and the idea of Zionism, and in this regard, the head of the British Parliament that was priest called "Tully Kraybak" stressed that we will give the budget provided that Palestine (Israel) from the Euphrates to the Nile, and from the Mediterranean to the Sahara is for the Jews, and even a number of British literary figures such as poet "Byron", novelist "Voltaire Scout" and man of letters, "George Albern" repeated the invitation and spoke about the return of Jews to Palestine in their literary works. Furthermore, we can point out the project of a spiritual man who was a member of British parliament and journalist called "Lawrence Aulifant" (1829-1888M) that said Arabs should be expelled of Palestine, as the Indians were rejected and exiled of North America because they are not worthy of human behavior and interaction based on his belief.
We should also mention priest "William Hasher" (1845-1931M) that approved the mentioned project with all features and powers and managed to collect property for the project, as far as Britain's government sent him to Astana in1892 to meet Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid to convince him about the Jewish settlement in Palestine. By the way, Christian missionaries of Zionism in Britain made a fund in 1865 to explore and find Palestine under the attention of Queen "Victoria", and chaired by the head of the bishops of 'Canterbury', as the greatest bishops of England. This fund belonged to the settlement and localization of Jews in Palestine and it was supported more, especially after the archaeologists, historians, geologists and clergymen carried out studies and researches that the main mission and goal of them was exploration of "promised Land" and its area, as it was mentioned in the Torah.
That is how the spiritual men and church leaders, who had faith in the trends and ideas of the Jewish people, did not want to stop it, and that showed itself as help and support of the idea Zionists for a Jewish settlement in Palestine particularly innovation that "Lord Balfour," did in realization of the most important parts of the Zionist project and idea that was the true and outdoor establishment of early state of Israel on November 2nd 1917. "Balfour", Foreign Minister of Britain, issued a statement in which he wrote to "Baron Rothschild", English Zionist leader: "The Kingdom Government of the England looks at the plan of establishing a national homeland for the Jewish people [in Palestine] with eyes of compassion and approval and it will do all efforts to make this goal realize, provided that you understand the issue seriously that no work or action should be done to hurt civil and religious rights of non-Jew tribes who now are residents in Palestine".
Great Britain tried to make Arabs sleep in the statement and reduce the importance of this risk; therefore, Britain also issued another statement that "national homeland of the Jews" does not mean the establishment of a "Jewish state", but it only means that the Palestine is one " spiritual homeland for Jews", such as "Vatican" for Christians and Mecca to Muslims; of course the ruse and trick was merely to control anger and wrath of the peoples of Arabic and Islamic lands, and that is the same method and tool that Britain applied subtly and gradually so no to stimulate others against Jews and Britain and could fulfill their preset goals in a good opportunity.


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